Acrylic Signs

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Acrylic Signs in Green Bay

When you want to make a big visual impact with your sign, acrylic is an exceptional option. This tough material can be customed-dyed to any color and custom-shaped into the sign you need, whether it’s a lobby sign or a building sign. Acrylic can help you achieve a huge range of business goals, whether you need to make your property’s front entrance look great or to label a section of your store. 

Luckily, the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics can help. We offer acrylic wall signs for interiors and exteriors, and can provide you unusual types of acrylics to achieve certain looks. Frosted wall signs and mirrored signs are just two examples. If you’re looking online for “acrylic signs near me”, we can help you.


What type of signage are you looking for?

The Different Acrylic Options

Acrylic is an exceptionally diverse sign material that we love to use to make some of our most expressive and vibrant signs. When you work with us, we’ll guide you through the types of acrylic signs and which ones might make your sign the most impactful.

Beyond plain acrylic dyed to the right colors, there are a few types of acrylic itself that we might use alone or in combination:

  • Frosted acrylic signs: Frosted acrylic looks like someone took glass and spread a cloud over it with a butter knife. It has a semi-transparent look that masks details, but lets in light. Using frosted acrylic on your sign helps add texture that enhances the overall design.
  • Clear acrylic signs: Clear acrylic is entirely transparent. It looks like glass or clear plastic. Often, clear acrylic will serve as the background of the sign and more colorful elements will be added in. Clear acrylic adds contrast and can reduce costs, too.
  • Mirror acrylic: As the name suggests, this type of acrylic reflects light the way that a mirror does. It is therefore very eye-catching and can help your sign get attention. It also gives signs a polished look.

What about plexiglass? Acrylic and plexiglass are the same thing, but one is a brand name. So, yes, we do also provide plexiglass signs in Green Bay.

The Best Uses for Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs can be dramatic and eye-catching, and are, therefore, a great option for a wide range of promotional and branding needs. Some of the best uses of acrylic signs include: 

  • Lobby branding (especially acrylic office signs)
  • Increasing foot traffic
  • Adding privacy (especially frosted plexiglass signs)
  • Relaying complex information
  • Wayfinding or directional signs
  • Promoting sale or events
  • Generally improving the look of your space

Acrylic signs are usually meant to be permanent additions to the space, so they often serve multiple functions. They can dramatically improve the perception of quality of a sign that could be made out of a lesser material. We can help you decide when choosing acrylic is a good idea for your specific needs.

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Professional Support for Your Acrylic Sign

Whether you run an office, a store, or your own business out of your home, it is always wise to lean on professionals for support. We offer expertise and strategy to make your acrylic sign look and perform its best. We design the sign and also offer acrylic sign printing, which means that we can turn your sign around very quickly. 

Reach out to us to discuss timelines, the cost of acrylic signs, or any other questions you might have about these kinds of signs.

Your Acrylic Sign-Maker in Green Bay

The team at Covenant Signs & Graphics is here to help you get the most exceptional acrylic sign for your space. We offer acrylic and plexiglass in Green Bay. If you’re in the area, contact us today to get started.