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Custom LED Signs in Green Bay

Lighted signs get much more attention than signs without lights. With LED lighting technology, it is safer and more affordable to run any lighted business sign than before. At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we offer a huge range of LED light signs in Green Bay, from your biggest building sign to simpler signs inside.

Wherever the sign is, it makes more impressions and is visible from further away, regardless of the time of day or night, when it incorporates some lighting. Learn about the various types of LED signs, including the lesser-known custom LED neon sign, and what they can offer your business below. 


What type of signage are you looking for?

What Is an LED Sign?

Simply put, an LED sign is any sign that has an LED light. Those lights can be built into the sign, as with channel letter signs, or they can be outside of the sign, but illuminating it. The exact application of light that is best for your sign depends on a few different factors that our designers can explain.

Different types, placement, and quality of light can give your sign a different feel, so it is important to make this decision with the goal of the sign in mind, as well as the character of your brand.

One niche sign type you should know about is neon LED signage. These signs use LEDs, but they give off a neon-like quality. This allows you to create a retro neon look for your sign, without actually having the inconvenience or safety concerns of using neon to light it. We’re also an LED neon sign company in WI and can provide you with these unique signs. 

Your Options for LED Signs

A huge array of signs can have LED lighting. In fact, most are improved by lighting. It allows them to be seen from further away and in darker conditions. Lighting, particularly interesting light effects, can also help your sign gain more attention from passersby. Whether a sign is lit and how, is among the most important design choices.

We offer a range of types of LED signs. That includes outdoor LED signs such as:

  • Storefront signs
  • Building signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs

There are also many kinds of indoor LED signs that can help you create atmosphere or draw attention to certain things. It is common to add lighting to emergency and exit signs, or other key wayfinding signs, to promote safety. However, you might also add LED lighting to large wall signs, lobby signs, office signs, and more.

custom indoor neon sign

How to Use Illuminated Signs

Why add lighting? A little light enhances the value of almost any sign, and helps it communicate its message even better. Among the many uses of LED signs, consider these:

  • Branding
  • Wayfinding
  • Atmosphere
  • Safety

Choose Us for Lighted Business Signs in Green Bay

LED lit signs are one of the best sign investments that you can make. That said, we know everyone is on a budget. We can tell you all about the cost of LED signs and how to make your desired sign fit within your budget.

Stop your online search for “LED signs near me”, and reach out to Covenant Signs & Graphics in Green Bay today for more information.