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Pylon Signs in Green Bay

Brands that don’t capture the attention of people driving by don’t get their business. Pylon signs were made to solve this problem. They are the tallest, most impactful signs. When you invest in a custom pylon sign, people will see your brand from further away, and you’ll be able to communicate other messages to draw them in.

If you’re looking online for “pylon signs near me,” the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics can help. We offer strategic design, exceptional construction, proper installation, and the maintenance and repair services you need to keep your custom pylon sign in good condition. Learn more about these exterior signs and our services below. 


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What Is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are tall signs suspended on one or more poles. You will often see them in front of hotels, event venues, major restaurants, and more. They stand above other signs, which means they draw more attention, especially from further away or near major roadways. As outdoor signs, pylon signs need to be made sturdy in order to be safe and to resist the weather for many years.

There are illuminated pylon signs that are topped with cabinets with lights built in. Or, there are pylon signs that don’t have internal lighting. They look more like a classic monument sign, just on stilts. There are also different types of pylon signs based on how they are supported, including:

  • Single pole: These have one supporting pole.
  • Twin pole: These have two poles for support.
  • Covered pole: The pole on this sign is covered so that it looks better.

Pylon signs may be used to advertise for just one brand or location. Or, they may be used by commercial property owners to advertise all of the businesses within their building. Signs that will represent many businesses should have interchangeable faces to adjust as businesses move out or move in. 

How to Make Pylon Signs Work for You

These are powerful commercial signs that can help promote your business thousands of times per day. There are so many uses for pylon signs, and choosing one for your business is a good idea in order to:

  • Beat the competition: Sometimes, customers simply pick the business that they see first. That is often true for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, which commonly use these signs. If being seen is important for you to convert customers, then a pylon sign is your best option.
  • Improve your branding: Having a presence in the community is essential to make sure that clients see you as an option. That’s true for event and entertainment venues, restaurants, and entire commercial plazas.
  • Help customers find you: Where are you located? With a pylon sign, your customers will not be able to forget. This is an especially powerful tool for businesses with obscured entrances.
  • Add specific information: Pylon signs can send complex messages about promotions, events, etc.
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The Experts in Commercial Pylon Signs

At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we have true expertise and will make it simple to get a sign that you’ll love. We offer more than just design; we also provide pylon sign installation and pylon sign manufacturing in Green Bay. Reach out to us to discuss the cost of pylon signs and get your questions answered.

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Our team of talented designers loves to create custom, high-impact signs that will be a major asset to your business. We will guide you through the process of designing your sign, and ensure it is strategic and geared towards helping you achieve your goals. We would love to be a part of your success. Contact us for pylon signs in WI, today.