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Wayfinding Signage in Green Bay

There are a lot of wayfinding signs out there, from a simple directional arrow sign to a complicated directory sign in a multi-unit commercial building. Each type is suited to its purpose, helping people find their way through the property. Without exterior wayfinding signs, for example, you allow customers to get lost and give up, or just be too frustrated to return.

With well-placed, well-designed signs, however (such as directional arrows), you can improve customer experience on your property, while enhancing safety and saving staff time. Here’s what you need to know about directional/wayfinding signs. 


What type of signage are you looking for?
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The Benefits of Wayfinding Signage

All of these signs seek to help people find their way to the location they’re looking for, whether it is the bathroom, the exit, a conference room, or somewhere else. Custom directional signs are always better than generic ones. They work for your specific location, and that specificity makes them clearer and easier to understand. The benefits of choosing custom wayfinding signs are huge.

For exterior directional signs, choosing custom means you add your branding to the sign. It then functions to tell people where your business is and convey important brand information they can connect with. For interior directional signs, custom signs can give people clearer, more precise directions and fit in with the overall ambiance of your property. 

Where to Use Wayfinding Signs

There are a number of different types of directional signs, depending on where you place them and the information that they convey. When you’re trying to choose a type, it’s often best to start with an idea of what the sign needs to say and where it needs to go. Some examples include:

  • Real estate directional signs
  • Office directional signs
  • Restroom directional signs
  • Event directional signs

Professional Advice for Your Directional Signs

Lobby signs are crucial in forming your client’s initial impression of your company. Of all interior signage, lobby signs are potentially the most important interior sign your business can have. These signs can display business slogans, taglines, or any information to welcome the client into the premises. Lobby signs can also show directions or share informative company information, including company awards.

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Wayfinding Signs Near You in Green Bay

Businesses and organizations in Green Bay, from offices to schools, and retail stores to property management firms, all need access to high-quality directional signs, and we can deliver.

Stop your online search for “wayfinding signs near me”, and speak to our team at Covenant Signs & Graphics. We’ll discuss how to make your property easier to navigate with exceptional signs that are within your budget.