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Channel Letter Signs in Green Bay

Channel letter signs are one of the top options for making your brand stand out. At retail stores, offices, corporate headquarters, and even multi-unit residential buildings, channel letter signs get a ton of attention. They are the most popular building sign type in Green Bay, in part because they stick out so well from any background and make your branding look impressive. 

Custom channel letter signs should be perfectly designed to reflect your current branding and to use their lighting to help it stand out even when you’re crowded by other businesses. If you’re still looking online for “channel letters near me,” choose Covenant Signs & Graphics to get the best that these signs have to offer.


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What Is a Channel Letter Sign?

When you’re driving around Green Bay, you will often spot channel letter signs on many different buildings. These signs are thick and bright. They consist of individual letters that look like they are floating on the building. In reality, each letter is mounted separately and securely. Each letter also has lights built-in, which then shine out the front.

Custom channel letters are all tailor-made to have the brand’s own font and coloring. We can customize your letters for your brand. 

Lighting and Other Channel Letter Options

All channel letter signs should be completely customized. That said, there are still types of channel letters that you need to choose from to start your design. For these particular signs, the lighting is what matters. All our LED channel letter signs, but the location and look of the lights are what differentiates them. Your options include:

  • Front-lit channel letter signs: This is the classic channel letter option, which has LED lights built into the letters themselves. The face of the letter is made from a semi-transparent material so that the light shines through. Acrylic is a common choice.
  • Reverse channel letters: Also known as halo-lit channel letters, these letters do not have internal lighting. Instead, we position light to shine in front of and back onto them. This allows the letters to cast a shadow and display what looks like a halo.
  • Combination: We can achieve signs that combine the other two lighting options or that do something a little unique. Reach out to us to get tips on other interesting lighting options.

How to Use Your Channel Letter to Best Effect

All signs need to be strategic. This especially includes channel letter signs, as they are likely your most important sign from a branding and promotion perspective. Even when they are inside your building or used as a tourist attraction instead of as a building sign, they are still a high-value, high investment sign. While we think of storefront channel letters first, there are other ways to use these signs.

The uses of channel letters include the following:

  • Branding:Custom channel letters should make your brand identity clear, even when it is complex.
  • Foot traffic: Draw more people into your store or office with magnetic channel letter signs.
  • Icon: Tourist boards and event venues use channel letter signs as statements, and people love to take pictures with them to post online.
  • Directional: These large, bright signs can help people find their way to your building.

Your Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer in WI

Covenant Sign & Graphics has the great designers you need to get an exceptional channel sign for yourself. We will walk you through every step of the sign design process, from the initial ideas to the long-term maintenance that your sign will need.

Contact us today to talk about the specifics, like the cost of channel letters in Green Bay or how soon we can install your sign for you.