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Truck Graphics in Fox Valley

Anyone who drives a truck for work, or any business that owns a truck, can benefit from turning that vehicle into a sign. Custom truck graphics allow you to promote your business, services, or products wherever you drive or park it. Truck graphics are powerful signs that keep gaining impressions long after you pay for them, and can be completely customized to match your branding and communicate your message.

Covenant Signs & Graphics offers custom truck graphics in Green Bay that can exceed your expectations and help your business grow. Discover what you need to know about business truck graphics below. 


What type of signage are you looking for?

Why Choose a Truck Graphic?

There are so many reasons to choose commercial truck graphics, from their low cost to their highly effective advertising. Here are some vinyl graphic ideas that could work for your vehicle:

  • Build professionalism: Contractors and other small businesses need to inspire trust and seem like a well-established brand, even when they are just starting out. Custom truck graphics will help establish that you’re a professional, especially if you visit your customers’ homes.
  • Reveal the menu: Food truck graphics might contain a lot of information about their menu and offerings to help people decide while they are waiting in line.
  • Announce your brand: It can be a challenge to make your brand feel distinct, especially if your company is under the umbrella of another. A vehicle graphic is a great way to differentiate your business and keep the focus on you.
  • Promote new products: Using a truck graphic is a great way to get the word out about newer, niche products, particularly for established brands. You can advertise such products on the vehicle delivering them!
  • Inspire and engage: Sometimes, your vehicle graphic is a way to reach out to the community and make an impact. Charities, schools, and government organizations may all want a vehicle wrap that inspires and engages people. We can help.

The upfront costs of graphic you truck are high, but it really pays off down the road. Plus, if you find that the cost of a truck graphic is a little out of your budget right now, there are ways to make it cheaper, including choosing a different kind of vinyl graphic. 

Your Custom Truck Graphic Options

All truck graphics are customized with your own design and brand details. You’ll also need to choose from the different types of truck graphics, including:

  • Full graphics
  • Partial graphics
  • Truck decals
  • Truck lettering

All of these are vinyl truck graphics; they just differ in size and how much of your vehicle they cover.

led channel letters on the food truck

Professional Truck graphics Support

Often, truck graphics is the first major purchase that a new company makes. Or, it might be the only kind of sign you invest in. If you’re not sure where to start or what you want, the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics can help.

We offer you guidance from the moment you’re considering graphics until you’re trying to decide how to best clean it. We’ll walk you through the design and installation process, and make sure that you get graphics that are the right option for you.

Choose Covenant Signs & Graphics in Green Bay

Major international brands and contractors who are just buying their first truck might all be searching online for “truck graphics near me.” Whatever your business is like, if you’re in or near Green Bay, Covenant Signs & Graphics can help.

Our designers will make sure that your wrap is highly effective and within your budget. Reach out to us to discuss your truck graphics options today.