Interior Signs

acrylic plaque sign

Acrylic Signs

This is perfect when wanting to make a big visual impact. This tough material can be customed-dyed to any color and custom-shaped into the sign you need.

ADA restroom sign board

Bathroom Signs

While we don’t often consider this, your bathroom signs also contribute to the look and feel of your space, so you don’t want to make them cheap or unclear.

lighted fire exit ceiling signage
quotation wall decal in green bay

Ceiling Signs

Confrence ROom

While the most common use for these signs is as a directional sign, that is far from your only option. Ceiling signs can communicate other, information.

Here at Covenant Signs & Graphics, we can advise you as to what your conference room needs in terms of signs and provide you with high quality options that will make your conference room a more valuable space.

office door sign by covenant signs and graphics

Door Signs

Whether it’s your retail location’s front door, an office door, or a bathroom in your event venue, many different doors need dedicated signs.

ceiling hang sign

Hanging Signs

Versatile and attention-grabbing, hanging signs are one of the most flexible sign options we have. You can take a hanging sign and place it essentially anywhere you need it. 

chrome letters at the reception

Lobby Signs

These signs offer an exceptional branding opportunity and a huge range of benefits for your business—that is, when they are well-designed.

window privacy film in the green bay office

Window Film

Why choose window film? It costs a lot to change your windows or install window coverings. Adding window film is a simpler way to get the privacy and sun control you need.

vinyl letters on glass window partition

Window Graphics

Adding custom window decals gives you the opportunity to promote your business, make your space look more attractive, and add personality and interest.

vinyl board in office lobby

Vinyl Signs

You might not be familiar with this type of sign, but vinyl signage is all around us. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective and versatile sign types available.



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