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Vinyl Signs in Green Bay

You might not be familiar with this type of sign, but vinyl signage is all around us. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective and versatile sign types available, appearing on everything from storefront windows to office walls and work trucks. If you don’t have a vinyl sign, you are likely missing out on an opportunity to promote your business and make an impression. 

At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we offer high-quality vinyl sign printing in Green Bay. We work with businesses of all kinds to create their most effective and most affordable signs. Explore your vinyl options below.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Understanding Vinyl Signage

The terms used for vinyl printing are a little confusing. All vinyl signs are made, at least in part, from vinyl. This is a thin material that feels like plastic. It’s tough, and resistant to water, and we can print on it and cut it into custom shapes. That allows us to do everything from custom lettering to creating a sign big enough to cover a whole wall or transport truck.

Here are some types of vinyl signs:

  • Vinyl decals: These are sheets of vinyl, cut into a specific shape, and then applied to a surface. The high-quality vinyl we use can be applied to all sorts of materials, including drywall, glass, wood, and the metal of your office door. This makes them highly versatile.
  • Vinyl stickers: This term, along with the term vinyl graphics, is often used interchangeably with vinyl decals. Just be sure you’re getting a professional-quality sign, not something from a sticker company that is only meant to last a few days or weeks.
  • Vinyl banners: These are long banners made with vinyl in order to add longevity and resistance to the elements. Many vinyl banners can be used outside.
  • Vinyl wraps: Vinyl truck wraps or vehicle wraps are yet another kind of this sign, and we have a whole page about them.

How to Use Vinyl Graphics

There are so many possibilities for vinyl signs that it may be a challenge to know how to use them. Is vinyl right for your purposes? Here are some uses of vinyl signs that you can consider:

  • Branding
  • Wayfinding
  • Long or short-term promotion

If you’re not sure if vinyl is the right material for you, talk to our team. We can guide you.

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Design Choices for Your New Sign

Those who are searching online for “vinyl signs near me” usually want to understand what the cost of vinyl signs typically is. We’d love to tell you, but it really depends on your design choices, especially how large the sign is and what weight of vinyl you need it to be made from. 

If you reach out to us to discuss it, we can give you a clear and honest quote. We can also help you adjust your ideas to get a sign that is within your budget that you’ll be happy with.

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