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Floor Graphics in Green Bay

Custom floor decals are useful tools for wayfinding, promotion, and other signage needs you might have on your property. People look downward more than you think, especially where they line up to check out. In busy office environments, placing signage on the floor is a great way to prevent clutter. There are many great uses for vinyl floor decals that take advantage of the sign type’s low cost and high impact.

Fortunately, the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics in Green Bay can help you plan your vinyl floor signs for promoting products, social distancing, wayfinding, or any other purpose. Learn more about these versatile signs below. 


What type of signage are you looking for?
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Floor Graphics Basics

These are vinyl floor signs made of a very thin, highly durable, and non-slip vinyl sheet with an adhesive backing. As with other vinyl signs, floor stickers are entirely customizable. We can print any graphics, text, and color you need on them with a high degree of quality. They can also be custom-cut to any size, from a simple circle to a complex star, a long line, or any shape that suits your purposes.

There aren’t really types of floor graphics, as each one is custom, but you do have many design options to choose from when creating the sign. Primarily, there are different types or weights of vinyl. Thicker ones offer more durability and will last longer in high-traffic areas of your property. We can help you design great vinyl floor signs, but what will you use them for? 

How to Use Vinyl Floor Graphics

These signs were around long before anyone needed to put social distance markers on the floor, although they are certainly good for that. There are many uses of floor graphics that will improve your business and meet your goals, including: 

  • Enable wayfinding: If your space is challenging to navigate, using floor graphics can help you direct people to the right area.
  • Reveal new promotions: You can place floor graphics near new products or near the service desk to announce new services. Removable floor graphics are ideal for when your store layout changes or for advertising temporary promotions.
  • Improve experience: In event venues and other locations, floor signs can improve the experience and help generate excitement, all while leading guests to their seats or to specific locations.

The Advantages of Professional Quality Custom Floor Stickers

Custom floor signs aren’t just stickers. They are of professional quality and made of wear-resistant vinyl with a very secure adhesive backing. This sign type has many advantages, including the following:

  • Relatively low cost
  • Completely customizable
  • Permanent or temporary
  • Unusual location (which catches attention)
  • Simple to install and clean

Your Floor Graphics Experts in WI

With any business decision you make, the more professional support you can get, the better. At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we offer more than just sign printing in Green Bay. We’re your partners to ensure that your sign design is just right to reflect your branding, meet your goals, and contribute to the ambiance of your space.

We work with you to make sure that our services help you be more successful. Talk to us today for more information on custom floor graphics and about the right floor sign for you.