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Wall Murals in Green Bay

Does office wallpaper sound a little daunting? Choose a wall mural instead. High quality, completely custom, and made to be durable, a vinyl wall mural can add anything you want to your walls. Use an office wall mural to simply make your space more appealing, or use it to convey information about your brand, its story, and why your customers should shop with you.

At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we understand that the best wall murals aren’t just art; they are also geared specifically to your business and its goals. Look through our gallery of Green Bay murals for some inspiration or read below about how we can help you get a mural that is just right for your office, retail store, or other location in Green Bay. 


What type of signage are you looking for?

Vinyl Wall Murals From an Expert Sign Company

When you want to do something unique with your wall, you have three types of wall murals to consider: wallpaper, paint, and vinyl. Wallpaper is a hassle to install and often does not look how you envisioned it. You also can’t get wallpaper murals customized to your needs, which means that you miss out on the branding opportunities of the mural.

Paint is messy, imprecise, and expensive. If you get a wall mural in paint, it is challenging to later paint over it. It also may not stand up very well over the years. Vinyl is a whole other story. We can essentially print off your mural onto vinyl sheets and, using a special adhesive, install them on any wall you need.

As experienced wall mural installers in WI, we make sure that your mural is free from air bubbles and bonds properly to your surface. Sometimes, this means prepping the wall for the mural. We’ll take care of all the details of the installation, so you can get the wall you want hassle-free. We offer interior wall murals that work on all sorts of surfaces, including drywall and glass.

Murals can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Some can just add color and branding to your walls. Others have complex patterns, photo-realistic graphics, and other very unique designs. We also offer 3D wall murals that give dimension to the space. 

How to Use a Wall Mural

There are as many uses of wall murals as there are walls! However, you might want some ideas about how to use wall murals in different circumstances in order to meet your goals. Here are some examples that can help you generate your own ideas:

  • Lobby wall mural: Branding is most important here. Consider telling your brand story or history.
  • Break room mural: Make a more relaxing space for your staff with simple nature views.
  • Store mural: In a retail setting, you could tell the story of your product, or set a mood for a certain section of the store.
  • Waiting room mural: Create a detailed, playful waiting room mural to make it easier for children to wait.
  • Restaurant mural: Add ambiance and emphasize the style of your restaurant with idyllic views in a decorative wall mural.
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Professional Office Mural Ideas

Not sure what you want? The designers on our team can help you create a great design that will work for the aesthetics of your space and will enhance your branding goals. If you already have strong ideas, that’s great. We can work with you to make your design ideas come to life so you get the wall mural you’re envisioning.

You can also reach out to us with questions like the quality and longevity of the vinyl we use, or the cost of wall murals. 

Choose Custom Wall Murals in Green Bay

Those who are still looking online for “wall mural installers near me” should contact the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics in Green Bay. We offer everything from a simple vinyl decal for your wall to large 3D wallpaper in Green Bay. Call us today to discuss your design for your new business wall mural.