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Building Signs in Green Bay

Building signs may be the best way to promote your brand, build a presence in the community, and get people through the door. They are an essential sign for any retail business or business with a storefront. They’re also important for offices, corporate headquarters, government buildings, and so much more. A building without a major sign is missing the opportunity to draw people in and let them know the brand is even at this location.

Fortunately, Covenant Signs & Graphics offers custom building signs, which can help your brand stand out and put its best foot forward. If you’re searching online for “building signs near me”, and you’re near Green Bay, read on to see what we can offer, and what these signs can accomplish for your business. 


What type of signage are you looking for?

Your Building Sign Options

What do we mean by building signs? These are exterior building signs that are mounted right to the building itself. You may have other exterior signs on the lawn, the sidewalk, or elsewhere, but unless they are directly attached to your brick, siding, or roof, they are not building signs.

Your business needs at least one major building sign to draw attention, but it can also be a part of a whole network of exterior signs that work together to draw people in.

There are several types of building signs you can choose from, including:

  • Channel letter signs: These are large letters that have lights built into them.
  • Cabinet signs: These are rectangular cabinets with built-in lights, which have decorative acrylic faces with your branding on them.
  • Awning signs: These are fabric awnings with your branding printed onto them. They do not have built-in lights, but businesses often choose to have lights shine down on them.
  • Dimension letter signs: These are building sign letters that do not have lights built-in. They are still powerful, dramatic signs that can make a statement.
  • Vinyl window signs: This is vinyl lettering applied to your front windows.

Lighted building signs are often chosen as your main sign because they are visible at night and, therefore, increase the number of impressions the sign gets. Even if you’re not open at night, your sign should be advertising for you. 

How Building Signs Make an Impact

Business building signs are all about making an impression on anyone who is walking or driving by. They should embody your brand will the right colors, text, and design, while also standing out from the signs around them. Building signs are one of your most important signs and should be accomplishing a great deal for your business.

The uses of building signs include:

  • Labeling the building
  • Adding depth to your branding
  • Increasing foot traffic
  • Improving aesthetics

Business building signs should also work well with the other exterior signs that you have. They are the focal point, and many businesses’ most important sign, which means that they can be quite the investment. We can help you make the most of your budget.

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Get Expert Help with Commercial Building Signs

The team at Covenant Signs & Graphics are experts who can help you with every aspect of your building sign. We can explain the cost of building signs and how to keep your design within your budget, while still getting a high-value sign. We provide all of the design, creation, installation, maintenance, and repair services that you need.

Your Building Sign-Maker in Green Bay

We’re proud to offer high-quality signs for buildings that will match your exact branding and present your company in the best light. Reach out to us today for building signs in WI.