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Why choose window film? It costs a lot to change your windows or install window coverings (never mind the hassle associated with managing curtains or blinds in a commercial setting). Adding window film is a simpler way to get the privacy and sun control you need without making huge renovations in your commercial space. It can also be decorative, which is useful for glass office walls and storefronts.

Covenant Signs & Graphics offers window film in Green Bay. We can help you choose your type and style of window film and then install it, so you don’t have to worry about getting the film on without air bubbles. Choose the professionals and get your windows tinted hassle-free. 


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The Types of Window Film

Window film is not just a dark sheet of vinyl that covers your windows. There is a wide range of types and features available with glass film. Each addresses different issues you might have with your windows, or with the drawbacks of typical window film.

You might be surprised at what you can get, from one-way film to glare-reducing film. Here are some to explore:

  • Decorative window film: Add color, branding, and other designs to any glass with decorative film. We offer completely custom options that will work in your property.
  • Frosted window film: You can make your space more private and secure without losing the natural light coming through your windows. The frosted look obscures details and shapes, but lets the light right in.
  • Glare-reducing film: In an office, or even in a coffee shop where people are on their laptops, glare can make your space unusable. Some film will reduce glare and allow people to get down to work.
  • One-way film: With this option, you can see out of the building, but people can’t see in. This is a great choice for yoga studios, law firms, and other places where privacy is key.
  • Anti-graffiti window film: Unfortunately, some graffiti artists tag or make creations on your glass, which is hard to clean. You can prevent this with anti-graffiti window film.
  • UV protective film: Block sunlight and prevent it from heating up your space, while also protecting the color in your fabrics and furniture, with a window film with this feature. 

Ways to Use Window Film

Many different organizations are drawn to commercial window film because it offers them a range of benefits that other signs or window dressings do not, at least not as well. Some of the uses of window film might include:

  • Security: Law offices often invest in a privacy window film. Clients do not want to be seen stepping into the office, and want to feel like their private legal matter is secure. However, just plain film might detract from the look of the office. Film that also serves a decorative purpose helps to keep the office looking professional.
  • Environment control: Imagine a coffee shop. They get busy mid-afternoon, and people come to work with their laptops at their tables. Plus, people waiting in line are always on their phone. The shop owners wanted large windows for the view, but now they need window film to cut the glare and keep it cool.

Which window glass film use is right for you? Our experts can help you decide. 

window privacy film in the office

Advice About Commercial Window Tinting

We’re the window tinting experts in WI. Reach out to us to discuss which windows you’re considering tinting, what types of window film you’re curious about, or the general cost of window film in Green Bay.

Our team is knowledgeable and friendly, and can answer your questions about anything from office window tinting to any other kind of sign. 

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