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Wall Decals in Green Bay

By leaving your walls plain, you’re missing out on opportunities to impress customers, engage staff, create a better business environment, and do so much more. In offices, retail locations, multi-unit residential buildings, your organization’s headquarters, and many other places, vinyl wall decals are a wise sign investment. They are rich, vibrant signs which, when well designed, help build your brand and your focus as a company.

Are you still searching online for “wall graphics near me”? We can help. Covenant Signs & Graphics offers exceptional and strategic designs for all kinds of signs, including custom wall decals in Green Bay. We can help you take advantage of these interesting and affordable signs.


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What Is a Wall Decal?

Wall decals are also called wall vinyl and wall graphics. Whichever name you’re using, these are wall signs made of our vinyl. For sign purposes, vinyl is a thin material that feels like plastic and looks like shiny paper. We can print text and images at very high quality onto these signs and then cut them into a customized shape to make your sign.

We offer entirely customized vinyl signs, but there are still some types of wall decals that you might want to know about as you prepare to talk to us about your sign. For example, you can distinguish these signs by the weight of the vinyl sheet. The heavier and thicker the vinyl, the more durable the sign is. From here, we can help you choose the size, shape, finish, and overall design of the decals. 

Strategy for Vinyl Wall Graphics

Business wall graphics are about achieving your goals for your company or space. They can serve a wide range of important purposes depending on their design and where you place them. Here are some of the uses of wall decals to get you started:

  • Ambiance: Use wall graphics to change how spaces look and feel for both customers and employees.
  • Branding: Simple decals for walls can function as lobby signs. More complicated ones can tell your brand story or your history.
  • Wayfinding: Use wall graphics as a simple way to point people in the right direction.

Advice on Wall Decal Printing in WI

A lot of work and effort goes into designing your wall signs. When you work with Covenant Signs & Graphics, you can trust that you’re getting expert advice from sign professionals who truly care about how well your business performs.

We can give you details about the cost of wall decals, when we can install a sign for you, and much more. Reach out to us with your questions at no obligation. 

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Wall Graphics and Decals Near You in Green Bay

Are you ready to try one of these signs for your store or office? We are experienced wall graphic installers in Green Bay and we will help you through the whole sign design, printing, and installation process. We make high-quality signs that are always geared to your business goals and your budget.

You can trust us to deliver your signs quickly so that they can start to promote your brand right away. Contact us today for more information on store and office wall graphics.