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ADA Signs in Green Bay

Choosing accessible signage for your business or property is about more than avoiding fines (although that is important).It is also making sure that anyone who wants to access your property or be your customer can. It’s about creating a culture where all stores, offices, courts, churches, and other buildings are accessible for everyone.

As your source for custom ADA signs in Green Bay, the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics supports your efforts to make your business more accessible. We offer the expertise you need to make sure you’re in compliance with the ADA, and that all of the signs you have are clear and understandable for everyone.

Still, there’s more to following ADA rules and being accessible than you might think, but we can guide you through it. Learn more below. 


What type of signage are you looking for?

What Is an ADA Sign?

These are ADA compliant signs, or signs that follow the rules set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act. While we might think of these as braille signs, not all ADA signs require braille, and there are many more requirements for them than just including braille.

Accessible signage is about many different factors, including high color contrast for people with color blindness and moderate visual impairment, the size of text for those with other visual impairments, the placement of signs so they can be read and reached, and so much more.

We often get questions about these signs, including what type a business may need. There are many types of ADA signs. Bathroom signs, door signs, safety signs, and many more may be required to be compliant with the ADA—or they may not. It depends on what your property is like and how your company operates. We can give you the specific guidance you need to understand which signs you require. 

Why Are ADA Signs Important?

It is often hard to step out of our perspective and into someone else’s. Companies and organizations that want to be accessible to everyone, to increase their customer pool, and protect their brand reputation may still fall short. Meaning well isn’t always enough. The ADA was created by experts who spent time and research on making signage (and many other elements of a business) more accessible to all kinds of people.

From a business perspective, the uses of ADA signs include:

  • Making all of your customers and staff feel comfortable and like your brand is “for them.”
  • Promoting your brand image as compassionate, sensitive, and in line with the law.
  • Reducing your liability for accidents or incidents that might occur due to unclear signage.

Protecting your business from fines or penalties from missing ADA braille signs or other signs.

ADA restroom sign board

Expert Advice for Meeting Sign Regulations

There is so much more to following sign regulations in Green Bay than simply ordering custom braille signs. First, you need to understand where you’re required to have certain signs, and the requirements for their design, including color, type of font, size, and even their position on the wall.

As true experts, the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics can walk you through what you need to know and clarify points of confusion. We can also advise you as to the cost of ADA signs and how to fit them into your budget when you have constraints. 

ADA Signs Near You in Green Bay

At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we take the signage needs of your business very seriously and that includes making sure you follow regulations, without causing you a headache. We’re your source of ADA signage in Green Bay. Contact us today to get started.