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Environmental Graphics in Green Bay

Environmental signs and environmental graphics are all about changing the environment in your office, your store, or your other property. They are an important part of environmental design, which is the concept of making your space an experience that helps people feel the way you want them to. In a workplace, environmental graphics are part of corporate office branding. In retail and other environments, they help create an amazing customer experience.

Covenant Signs & Graphics is an environmental graphic design firm in WI, and we can help you with environmental graphics that will enhance your space. 


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What Are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics are signs that were designed to provide a certain experience to the people in your space. For example, you might want your candy store to feel lighthearted and fun. You might want your spa to feel relaxing and serene. Or, you might want your charity to feel in tune with the community. The right signs can do wonders to help you achieve this goal.

There aren’t really types of environmental graphics. Instead, most modern office signs count as such, and many other types, too. Essentially, any sign that was designed with environmental graphic design principles can be considered such a sign. 

Signs for Modern Office Design

One of the best places to use environmental graphics is in office design. We can make signs that work with your office interior design to make staff, customers, and other guests feel a certain way. Your office interior can dictate people’s moods, their opinion of your company, their overall customer experience, and much more.

A great environment can help influence people in a way that a single sign cannot. Modern office interior design should always make use of environmental design principles. We can help you choose a feeling or experience for your space, and then make it come to life.

We’re an office design company that can help you choose the branding and atmosphere you want to create in your space. 

Other Uses for Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics are great to use in offices, but that isn’t the only place where they are useful. There are other ways to benefit from your environmental graphics in many other kinds of spaces. That includes:

  • Explaining your brand story in a way that customers can experience.
  • Fostering connection in your space, whether it is a school, church, or workplace.
  • Encouraging your customers to connect with your brand emotionally.
  • Generating excitement or thrill in entertainment venues and more.
  • Creating a feeling of focus, safety, calm, or other useful feelings.
  • Promoting your perspective and ideas to your customers or guests.
  • Making your multi-unit residential building’s common areas more appealing.
  • Creating buy-in for your corporate values and communicating them.

Your Environmental Design Agency in Green Bay

At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we have exceptional designers who can help you achieve the right environment and feeling with your signs. We often get questions about the design process for environmental graphics, including how long it takes, the cost of environmental signs, and much more. Reach out to us today in Green Bay to get answers to your questions.