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Storefront Signs in Green Bay

Custom storefront signs are necessary to get the foot traffic and brand reputation that you need to be successful. There is no substitute for a well-designed storefront sign that attracts attention and reminds your ideal customers that they should walk in. Storefront signs also serve secondary needs, like communicating hours, policies, and other information to customers.

In Green Bay, Covenant Signs & Graphics is your provider for the ideal storefront sign and sign strategy. We can make you multiple signs, from window vinyl and banners to channel letter signs, which will all work together to make your storefront shine. Learn more about what we can offer below.


What type of signage are you looking for?

What Is a Storefront Sign?

A storefront sign can be a building sign, which is a sign directly attached to your building. However, there are other types of storefront signs, too. They are perhaps best described as “shop front signage,” which are retail signs used on the exterior of your building or somewhere on your property. They may be permanent, as is the case with all building signs, or they may be temporary for certain promotions or seasons.

There is a very wide range of types of storefront signs, including:

  • Channel letter signs
  • Cabinet signs
  • Monument signs
  • Post and panel signs
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Banners and flags
  • Storefront window signs

While not all of these signs have lights, lighted storefront signs offer huge advantages. They are more eye-catching and they are visible at night, both of which helps you make the most impressions you can.

The Powerful Impact of Storefront Signage

From the smallest temporary sign to the largest dimensional letter sign, all storefront signage has the potential to be very powerful. Good design and an emphasis on your brand can make these signs serve a wide variety of purposes. The uses of storefront signs include:

  • Branding: Make sure your brand leaves a lasting impression.
  • Foot traffic: Draw in crowds with evocative, interesting signage.
  • Communication: Talk to your customers and connect with your community.
  • Promotion: Let people know about sales and other events in your store.
  • Wayfinding: Help guide people to your front door, even in a complex space.

Strong signs that have good design principles often serve many of these purposes at once. For example, a monument sign should have your branding and should alert people to where your store is. However, they can also contain complex information, whether it’s a simple joke to attract attention, or a description of the latest events that are happening in your store. We can help you with a sign that will suit your purposes.

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Professional Advice for Your Retail Signs

Business storefront signs are a business decision, and we can offer you the strategic advice that you need to make the best one for you. At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we seek to serve our customers first, which means getting them the right signs at a price they can afford. 

We know that we only succeed when you do, which is why we provide honest information and great strategy advice. Reach out to discuss the cost of storefront signs, which will work best for your purposes, and how you can maximize the value of any sign that you purchase.

Choose Quality Storefront Signs in WI

All retail locations in Green Bay will need storefront signs that work for them. Whether you need a banner to announce your new location, a complex sign to show off your menu, or some simple vinyl lettering to explain your hours at your door, we can help. 

We serve large and small, new and old businesses with the best storefront signs in Green Bay. Stop your online search for “storefront signs near me”, and contact us today.