Ceiling Signs

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Ceiling Signs in Green Bay

Let’s say that you need to put a sign in a certain spot, but there isn’t a wall there, just ceiling panels. The solution is an indoor hanging ceiling sign. These are an excellent, cost-effective wayfinding solution for buildings of all kinds, but especially offices and large shared properties that need a lot of directional signage. 

While the most common use for these signs in Green Bay is as a directional sign, that is far from your only option. Ceiling signs can communicate other information, and there are even other types and materials available for them. Learn more about this great sign type and why you should choose the team at Covenant Signs & Graphics to supply you with them below.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Your Ceiling Sign Options

Ceiling signs are any sign that hangs from or adheres to the ceiling. Most are hanging, but some are thin vinyl sheets applied to the ceiling that are meant to look up at. If that sounds odd, just imagine it above the chairs in a dentist’s office. Signs here help patients to relax.

We offer many different types of ceiling signs for you to consider, including:

  • Drop ceiling signs: If you have ceiling panels, these are the signs for you. They are thin metal signs that slot right into the ceiling panel without even the use of hardware. They do not need to be glued, nailed, screwed, or otherwise secured. In fact, there are some that meet OSHA requirements for exit signs or other necessary signs. These are a great option to help you cut down your sign costs.
  • Metal or plastic: Other signs that hang from the ceiling can be more elaborate and made of heavier materials. We offer custom metal and plastic ceiling signs that are great to hang in a hall outside your office or anywhere that you need a more interesting, custom ceiling sign.
  • Fabric or banners: We can hang banners or fabric from the ceiling, too. These might be used to display a sport’s team achievement or as a major sign in a retail store.
  • Vinyl sheets: If someone will be looking up at your ceiling, then adding a vinyl sign to it might be a great application for you. Often, these signs are more about feeling and atmosphere than informing or promoting. 
airport wayfinding hanging sign

Strategy for Ceiling Signs

Wayfinding ceiling signs might just be simply to point people in the right direction. However, you might also consider other uses for your ceiling signs. They can help create a mood and atmosphere; they can promote your brand, products, or services; or they can help draw in foot traffic. Our experts can help you decide how you should use your ceiling sign and other design decisions. If you reach out to us, we can also talk to you about the typical cost of ceiling signs. 

Choose Us for Ceiling Signs and Hanging Wayfinding Signs

At Covenant Signs & Graphics, we offer ceiling hanging signs in Green Bay. Plus, we provide the strategy, installation, and maintenance services that you might need for more elaborate signs. Contact us today for more information.