Hanging Signs

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Hanging Signs in Green Bay

Versatile and attention-grabbing, hanging signs are one of the most flexible sign options we have. You can take a hanging sign and place it on your ceiling, awning, the side of your building, or essentially anywhere that you need it. Hanging business signs also range from practical exit signs that are simple and affordable to custom-cut storefront signs made from wood, and include even ceiling hanging signs.

The right kind of hanging sign for you depends on what you need to use it for and the overall feeling of your space and brand. Luckily, Covenant Signs & Graphics can help you. We offer a wide range of hanging signs near you in Green Bay. Our expert team offers exceptional design, smart strategy, and a fast turnaround on all of our signs. Learn more about what we can offer you below. 


What type of signage are you looking for?

Your Hanging Sign Options

Most hanging signs are customized, although some, like your classic ceiling panel exit sign, are as is. Still, usually when you’re designing a hanging sign, you’ll need to choose a material. Largely, this will determine if it is an indoor or outdoor sign, and what kind of look and quality we can achieve with it.

So, it is useful to be familiar with the types of hanging signs. They include:

  • Alumalite hanging signs: This is a lighter composite material that is comparable to aluminum.
  • Dibond hanging signs: These signs have a plastic core to add strength to the aluminum exterior.
  • Coroplast hanging signs: Corrugated plastic is a cost-effective, normally outdoor hanging sign material.
  • HDU hanging signs: These signs are made from high-density urethane that is simple to cut and highly durable.

Along with those four unusual sign types, we can make hanging signs out of materials that you might be more accustomed to, including:

  • Wood hanging signs
  • Acrylic hanging signs
  • PVC hanging signs
  • Aluminum hanging signs

How to Maximize Your Hanging Sign

The uses of hanging signs range widely. While some, like high-quality outdoor hanging signs, might be the most essential sign that your business owns, others are certainly less important and should thus cost less, too.

Indoor hanging signs are often used for permanent, practical purposes, especially wayfinding to bathrooms, offices, or other locations inside of your building. Other interior signs might be used for temporary promotion of new products, and even new sections of your store. The most important thing is that you get a sign that was specifically designed for your purposes. 

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The Hanging Sign Experts in Green Bay

We can help by answering all of your questions about your sign and designing a sign that is remarkably well-suited to your tastes. What is the cost of hanging signs? This often depends on the materials used. For example, banner hanging signs usually cost less than engraved hanging signs. However, there are also other factors. Reach out to us to discuss the various options.

Choose Us for Your Next Hanging Sign

Covenant Signs & Graphics offers high-quality hanging signs in Green Bay. Whether temporary or permanent, interior or exterior, we can design, manufacture, install, and maintain the right sign for you. Contact us today for more information.