Metal Signs

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Custom Metal Signs in Green Bay

When it comes to custom signs, your choice of material matters a lot. The durability and strength of your sign often comes down to the kind of materials you’ve used in them. Also, each material gives the sign a certain style and feel. Metal is one of the most polished, high-end sign materials, and it reflects well on your brand. You also don’t need to pay a ton for custom metal signs, especially not with lower cost options like aluminum.

Are you looking online for, “metal signs near me”? Read on to discover what the experts at Covenant Signs & Graphics have to offer in terms of metal business signs, and get our advice on how to use them. 


What type of signage are you looking for?

When to Use a Metal Sign

Choosing a custom-cut metal sign is a bit more expensive than other sign options. So, when is a good time to invest, and which signs are worth it? Most metal signs will be permanent. This helps them make the biggest impact for your business for their cost. Metal signs are also a great choice for an exterior sign, as properly treated metal will stand up to the elements well.

There are many uses of metal signs, including for example:

  • As your main business sign: From a channel letter to a metal logo sign, metal is the right option for your most important outdoor sign.
  • As branding inside of your lobby: Interior metal office signs are a great way to add authority, trust, and a powerful ambiance to your lobby or any other space where you need branding.
  • As wayfinding signs: Large, metal letters are a clear way to point people in the right direction.

You can use a metal sign for almost any of the sign purposes you have, from bathroom signs to “open” signs. We can help you with any sign type that you need. 

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Your Metal Business Sign Options

Metal signs are one of the most important commercial signs. So, we offer many different types of metal signs to fulfill all of our customer’s unique needs. That includes metal letters, cabinet signs, pylon signs, and much more. We offer various types of metals, from steel to aluminum signs. Almost any of the signs that we provide, particularly the exterior signs, can be made at least in part with metal.

Your Metal Sign Manufacturers in WI

We design, manufacture and install personalized metal signs in Green Bay. Our customers often come to us with questions about this process and what it will cost them. The cost of metal signs ranges widely based on a number of sign factors, including type of sign, choice of metal, size, lighting options, and more.

However, we can give you an idea of what you should spend for a certain quality, or we can work with you to fit the sign that you need into your budget. Reach out to us with your questions and we will give you honest answers and a rough idea of what things cost in our location. 

Custom Metal Signs Near You in Green Bay

You can get the sign that you need in a strong, beautiful metal. Work with Covenant Signs & Graphics to get anything from a simple lobby sign to an elaborate aluminum metal sign. Contact us today for more information.