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Mission Statement Signs in Green Bay

How does your company express your values and communicate them to staff, clients and even guests? When your core values fall to the wayside, it is no wonder that employees don’t follow through on them. You can put the focus back on the values that your company wants to operate by, with mission statement signs.


What type of signage are you looking for?
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What is a Mission Statement Wall?

Also known as a core values wall, a mission statement wall is a dedicated wall (or multiple walls) in your office which are dedicated to showcasing your brand values. It should also include your overall brand image, elements of your company’s history, or other important information. Your mission statement wall might emphasize different things if it is mainly for your employees, your clients, or is accessible to both. Ultimately, a mission statement wall can be one of the most powerful corporate office branding choices, when it is done right and feels true to your brand and your company culture. 

Your Options for Workplace Interior Design

Every company is different, so every mission statement wall decal should be too. The placement, design, and type of sign might all be different. That said, the most common type of mission statement sign is a vinyl graphic. Usually, this covers the whole wall, like a wall mural. Your mission statement wall decals might go down a whole hallway or cover one entire wall in a lobby. Sometimes these signs are made to work with lobby signs or other aesthetic elements of the space too. Plus, if you like, you can also make these signs out of more dimensional materials. We offer wood, acrylic, metal and more.

Don’t forget that this kind of mission statement signs are for more than just office environments. Any break room or any lobby can use signs that elaborate on the mission of the people who work there. It is enriching for staff and for clients, and often makes the space look better too. 

Support for Mission Statement Wall Design

Mission statement wall signs aren’t always easy to come up with. You have your core values, brand identity and company culture defined already, but putting those ideas into visual form can be tough. That’s where our expert designers step in. We can help you take your ideas and turn them into clear, interesting vinyl wall art decals that will make your office look great.

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Get Mission Statement Graphic Walls in Green Bay

What is the cost of the typical mission statement sign? What should your core values featured wall look like? The team at Covenant Signs & Graphics can help you regardless of your budget. We can help you elaborate on your core values and branding to help you come up with a sign design that will be an asset to your business for a long time. We’ll also be able to help you plan out where to put the sign for best effect. Reach out to us to get started on your mission statement wall.